• Palais des Évêques de Saint-Lizier
  • Pharmacie XVIIIe - Saint-Lizier
  • Cloître de Saint-Lizier
  • Place de Saint-Lizier
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Sède - Saint-Lizier
  • Modillons cathédrale - Saint-Lizier
  • Musée Palais des Évêques de Saint-Lizier
  • Bergère - Saint-Lizier

Village rampart - St Lizier

Elliptically shaped, the Gallo-Roman rampart reaches a length of 750 meters with a preserved height of 4 to 6 meters.
It is punctuated by round and square towers and dates back to the end of the IVth century. Specialists consider the rampart being one of the best preserved in the South of France.

Setting off from the Church Square, a walk through the village will make you discover beautiful houses of former canons: Rue des Nobles, Porto det Cassé, Carré d’Huart, Carré de Bourrassou and will lead you to the foot of the Gallo-Roman rampart making you take very charming flourished little alleys (“carrés”).


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