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Maison du Chemin de la LibertéSaint-Girons

Former SNCF railway station, avenue Aristide Bergès
Tarbes Toulouse Direction 

Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 10 to 12am and 2 to 5pm
On reservation Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays

Contact : 05 61 66 35 68
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Website : House of the Freedom Trail

Free entrance

The museum retraces the journey from St-Girons to Sort, in Spain, of those who refused Nazie oppression and it honours the memory of peddlers and escaping people during World War II. This both cultural and heritage space reminds us of a dark chapter in history and values for the epic of all those who gave their lives and fought for the freedom of our country.

History of border crossing (France-Spain) 2nd Word War