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jacqueline bareille denat26 avenue Maréchal Foch
09200 Saint-Girons
05 61 66 66 49 et 06 79 53 54 50




The artisitc universe of Jacqueline Bareille-Denat is filled with poetry.
She paints with gouache, oil and acrylic paint, pastel and needles. Her world is filled with street performers, flowers, clowns, kids on merry-go-rounds, but also with landscapes.
Jacqueline Bareille-Denat also creates books, made with oil and acrylic paint and gouache. The plain language she uses could remind us of Saint-Exupéry’s «Le petit Prince».
For many years now, Jacqueline Bareille-Denat has been working in Saint-Girons where she’s sharing her art with pupils.