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andrin portrait

Rue Yvette Garrabé
06 86 72 56 68
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Muriel Andrin graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Caen, the Decorative Arts in Paris and the IPEDEC : Professional training of decorative arts in Paris.
Her art is about reproducing Nature in all its aspects.

Decorative painting can be applied to any surface, from soil to ceiling, to furniture or any other item. The « trompe-l’œil » technique is about imitating all sorts of materials, such as marble, stone, wood, leather, metal, … that are then called fake marble, fake stone, etc.

The ultimate goal to achieve is the audience to be obliged to touch the decor to find out whether it’s real or fake.
It’s about the pleasure of admiring a dreamt place as if it was real.

Fooling the eyes, a decor can alter the atmosphere of a place or enlarge its volumes.