• Palais des Évêques de Saint-Lizier
  • Pharmacie XVIIIe - Saint-Lizier
  • Cloître de Saint-Lizier
  • Place de Saint-Lizier
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Sède - Saint-Lizier
  • Modillons cathédrale - Saint-Lizier
  • Musée Palais des Évêques de Saint-Lizier
  • Bergère - Saint-Lizier

The Bishops' Palace of St-Lizier


The bishops of Couserans have built a palace and a richly decorated cathedral on the site overlooking the City of Saint-Lizier and have continued embellishing it from the XIth to the XVIIIth century.

Nowadays, the building hosts a gourmet restaurant, exhibition spaces, a tourist residence and the Department Museum of Ariège.

The museum and the recently restored Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Sède allow us to discover 2000 years of local history.