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autrefois le couserans st gironsrFrom 4th to 6th of August

From the very first occasion, in August 1993, in the streets of Saint-Girons, the parade of ancient times captured the public and so was a real master stroke. Ever since, the event is taking place during the first August weekend and attracts more and more spectators and participants willing to trace the social and rural epic of the past century.

With animated demonstrations such as : harvesting, period costumes, trades and machineries, teams of horses and steers, the ice track, the "Ath bi petit" tavern,
farmyard cattle, the pit-sawing and threshing, the gourmet and artcraft market, the 1900 school class...


Organiser : Autrefois le Couserans - Association - 05 34 14 62 69
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site : http://autrefois-le-couserans.com

Information : St-Girons St-Lizier tourist office 05 61 96 26 60

festival rite 2017From 5th to 11th August - PROGRAMA 2017

Music groups this year : France (Bethmalais)  - Spain - Bielorussia - Mexico - Guinea-Bissau - Bolivia (musical Awatinas group) - Uruguay - Iran - Irland

Information and tickets at the Saint-Girons Tourist Office : 05 61 96 26 60
Web site : bethmalais.com